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Lloret de Mar… not just a town for partying

Lloret de Mar… not just a town for partying

Winter days can be very gloomy, especially with school and exams, but planning a Summer vacation can immediately help you cheer up.

Lloret de Mar is an ideal summer destination with it’s well-kept beaches, it’s booming nightlife and an exciting water park. And that’s not all! It also boasts several hiking trails along outstanding routes, something which I did not imagine I would find here. That’s until I visited the official tourism website  which provides several hiking trails. Having a boyfriend who loves hiking I thought to fit in something he likes… which eventually I ended up enjoying just as much as him.

During our 5-day stay we did two coastal trails both starting from the main Lloret Beach:  one till Platja de Santa Cristina and the other one till Tossa de Mar. 

The views along both these walks were breathtaking with the calm blue sea gently lapping on the various sandy and rocky beaches along the way inviting us to have a dip and refresh in the cool waters. There were various beaches, some the touristy kind like Lloret Beach (which is undoubtedly the most crowded and not my personal favourite), others more popular with the locals like Platja de Santa Cristina and others with very few people like Cala Banys (recommended for snorkelling and diving) and Cala d’en Trons.


Cala d’en Trons 


Along the coast on the way to Tossa de Mar

At times, along the way you could also see some castles going back centuries ago, something which is very common along the Spanish coast, offering picturesque views. 


Tower overlooking Sa Caleta cove


St Joan’s Castle, home of a history museum of the medieval period in Lloret de Mar

The best part of the walks was getting up on a hill from where we got the chance to enjoy the amazing views of the coast lines and admire the beauty of the nature that Lloret De Mar has to offer.


Overlooking Fenals Beach

I loved  the peacefulness that these walks offered, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the crowds of tourists. So quiet that at times you could see and hear the seagulls that come hopping near the shore. 


All the routes are very easy to follow with signs along the trail guiding you as to where you should pass and where you should not. However, one must be careful when reaching the sandy beaches as there will be no signs there, hence relying only on the map.  

So if you’re planning to spend your summer holidays in Lloret de Mar make sure to find some time to experience the natural beauty which this place has to offer. Although some of the hiking trails were amended, they still offer an unforgettable experience.  It will be worth it to give them a try! 

All photos courtesy of Chris Balzia